Building a "Think Small" Community


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This was SO inspirational and it inspired me to go further. Thanks for a great talk!

Interesting talk, but it felt a little weird as a keynote - I didn't feel sufficiently engaged by the material. The energizing & empowerment part was definitely there, but the subject was too far removed from the daily practices of doing projects and software engineering.
I liked your personal presentation style, just remember to keep your hands away from the microphone! :D

Nice talk on interesting subject.

Anonymous at 00:30 on 16 Sep 2012

Good talk. Nice sheets and a clear.message. Makes you think. It was a pity you asked us in the ens to fill out on that moment. It was practically impossible, and was a somewhat depressing end of a very inspirational presentation. Still 5 * :-D

Interesting talk, would have loved a bit more "firework" as a closing keynote. A bit late but i did fill out !

Interesting and important subject. The layout of the slides could be improved.
Although I got some good info, I somehow wasn't really engaged. But that might also be down to a long day full of presentations.

Interesting subject, also "thinking small" encourages the audience - including me - to start with the little things of community work.

I would have liked the keynote to be at the beginning of the day. After paying many hours of attention, it got more difficult at the end of the day.

At the start I was not very interested, but as the talk continued I got more and more inspirated to contribute to the community.

Interesting subject! However, because it was at the end of the day, the audience seemed a bit tired. This topic should have been a keynote or parallel session at the start of the event.

Maybe you could make the presentation more interesting:
* give a better overview of the structure of your presentation
* use more images
* don't just sum up what to do, but instead tell more stories that will stick (like trying to organize a community meeting three times and being the only attendee)
* tell more stories about what went wrong, and what you've learned from that