Finishing off your project with a layer of Varnish


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Although this is a nice overview and a decent introduction, the presentation sort of lacks in depth when it comes to comparing Varnish to other solutions. A more properly weighed presentation would work better in my opinion.

I really like the wat the speaker dealt with the material and took us through his lessons learned though, and the enthusiasm really shines through.

Very good introduction to Varnish. From your abstract though you would expect a bit more in depth information.

Ik vond het goed

Nice talk. Would've liked to see some comparisons with other solutions.

Nice talk on Varnish. Maybe it would better have been listed as beginner level talk. It was not really in-depth enough to my and some others opinion, would have caused less disappointment about that probably. Nevertheless a very good introduction and showing what Varnish is and can do for you. Good speaker.

I'm happy to had a an intro into Varnish. Maybe more info how it was implemented on Bax Shop whould have been nicer.

Nice introduction to caching and Varnish.

A good talk on beginning with Varnish. It wasn't bad that you could not answer all the questions from the audience since you made clear you ware also just starting to work with Varnish. But when you talk about certain aspects of varnish, try to come up with some practical use even if you don't use it, or haven't used it yet (in case of the vcl_pipe for instance).

Overal a very enthusiastic presented talk for people trying to figure out if varnish is the right tool for them.

Harrie, nice talk about Varnish! I never heard of it before and now I will check it out if it is an option for us.

Harrie, where are the slides?

I'm sorry Theo I've been busy - I'll try to upload them tonight!

I uploaded the slides. Link is on top of the page.