Klanten zijn net mensen


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Interesting talk, easy to understand.

Good interesting talk. Like to read some more about this. Any good books about this ?

Good talk, clear message. Maybe you could have fitted some more information in or given some more examples. For instance: I really like your Disneyland example, but would have liked it even more if there were some examples from other (preferably technical) companies as well.

Anonymous at 20:42 on 16 Sep 2012

Veel open deuren.

Goede presentatie en boeiend om naar te luisteren. Leuk om te horen dat de focus op openheid en verwachtingen is gelegd!

Interessant onderwerp, vond het wel lastig in de presentatie komen.
Veel logische statements op het scherm die dan weer veel herhaald werden door de spreker, lastig je aandacht er dan bij te houden.

@theo: Most of this I got from experience, so I can't really give you a clear list of books. I tried searching around, but can't really find something that matches this exactly.

Thanks everybody so much for your feedback. I'll be sure to add more concrete examples and a bit more structure. Thanks for helping me making this talk better!