PostgreSQL, 's werelds meest geavanceerde OS database, maar waarom eigenlijk?


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Very interesting, too bad the speaker was 15min late.

Fast paced and funny, sometimes a bit chaotic. Too bad there wasn't enough time.

Great type of content, but use less content on the slides. You are losing attention while presenting.
Try to use a pointer next time, because most of the time I was look at your back.

Way to short in time, interesting subject.

A bit chaotic, but still interesting

Very interesting subject i have see a lot of new things about PostgreSQL, maybe when you have a small font size you can make the brackground black.

Anonymous at 21:10 on 15 Sep 2012

Good introduction into Postgres. Very convincing. I decided to start using it for my pet-projects to get some experience.

The talk could have been a little bit more structured, but overall ok.

Anonymous at 23:53 on 15 Sep 2012

Interesting subject, and knowledgeable speaker. A little more preperation would have made this a excellent presentation. Now it was somewhat chaotic and in the second part I lost track.