Single-page Javascript applications with Backbone.js and REST


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Thanks guys, informative presentation. Not really convinced that moving your business logic to the front-end is the next big thing though...

Informative but presentation a bit chaotic.
I also dont see the need for going all frontend.

Anonymous at 20:52 on 15 Sep 2012

Presentation couldn't movitate me to listen closely.
the topic or the way is was presented wasn't interestong enough for me.

Thank you for the presentation, but just what Anonymous says the presentation couldn't motivate me to listen closely. And i didn't know what you where build with backbone.js maybe next time you can provide some basic stuff instead of building a application.

Anonymous at 21:46 on 15 Sep 2012

perhaps it was because it was the first time you guys did a persentation, I would not do
it any better, but it would have gone a lot smoother if you where better prepared.
tip for the next time, if you want people to follow and read the code, then you should not stay
in front of it. I noticed some people could not read it, even when he asked if you could please move to the side.. that's why people started talking and loose interest...

Anonymous at 00:04 on 16 Sep 2012

I liked the idea, but it didn't work out quite well. The code written was interesting, but could've been explained in a way shorter time.
A thing I was very interested in, was seeing how a big project would turn out. For me it was a real bummer that you couldn't show us some of your 'mystery' project.

Anonymous at 00:14 on 16 Sep 2012

Nice touch the way you demoed. Very convincing software. But in the end the talk didnot explain anything about the reasons why you should do it, or the background of it (reread the synopsis of the presentation on this site). Now it was more a short introduction into somr javascript libraries.

Could nearly not read the code in the back but i loved the live coding on stage ! Topic has my interest.

Heads off for the live coding. Requires balls and keeps it interesting! The small todo application approach was a good idea. Too bad you ran out of time, I would really have liked to see more and was dissapointed in a part of the audience.

I think there where two things in this talk which you might need to fix for a next time.

The first one was that in the beginning you could have explained a bit more about the reasons one can have for having a full client-side solution. Gathering from the reactions of the public there was little knowledge on stuff as (REST) API's. A pros and a cons slide for your approach, maybe stating when to use it and when not could have fixed this audience scepticism (although I personally feel some of the developers in the audience might have felt a bit too much threatened because this would change they way they currently work). Also introducing the idea of an API more clearer and earlier on in your talk might have helped with this.

The second one was in your combined presentational skills. I think you both would have done the presentation quite good without each other, but because of presenting it together now it was a bit chaotic at times.

A big plus for me was that you both showed to be highly knowledgeable on the topic and that during the talk it was getting more and more interesting.

Het live coden was een leuk idee, maar helaas werd de presentatie er zo rommelig van dat de boodschap minder duidelijk overgebracht werd. De zaal werkte overigens ook niet mee, want men vond js blijkbaar eng.
Daarnaast vond ik het erg jammer dat we niet toekwamen aan het gebruik van templates, want dat lijkt me het allerbelangrijkst.

The presentation looked a bit unstructured & the subject didn't seem embedded in the main topic of the conference (PHP).

I think that your subject could have been better if you would have shown a PHP example that you extended with backbone.js.
That way the audience might have understood the advantages of backbone.js somewhat better.

Awesome how you did the live coding & error solving on stage.
I give you some extra thumb up for the live coding!