Beer tasting


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The beers chosen were great, and again awesome people. Only problem is that there was a little bit too much talking, and the presenter seemed to get annoyed if people were socialising, but he wouldn't stop talking so it was difficult to discuss the beers in between and things you'd like to do on a social! With other words: It was a bit difficult to be social.

That in mind, it was really great information and I actually found a dark beer that I liked! If only I could remember the name of it....

Beers were excellent, I felt the tasting went on a little too long and the presenter spoke a little too much. To be fair, he expected to present in Dutch and actually spoke in English so he probably took longer to explain himself.

Same thoughts here. I liked most of the beers. It was an interesting selection and I actually learned something.

I would recommend to choose a different place to do an event like this, like a brown cafe and like Michelle said, there should definitely be room to actually socialize.

Pretty much the same feeling here.
I enjoyed the beers and the presentation and it was nice to hear from someone very knowledgeable but I hardly dared being social in between drinks.

Generally nice event, though not enough socialisation opportunities. Perhaps in future a couple of beers, 1/2 an hour break, couple more beers etc.? Well done to the brewer for adapting to presenting in English and for providing good in-depth knowledge, enjoyed the beers themselves too - perhaps publish the list for those who were there to find/try them again? Thanks Enrise :)

I agree with the comments above.