Big, Linked en/of Open Data: wat is het en wat kunnen we er mee?


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Erg interessante talk! Merkte er niets van dat hij zenuwachtig was, vertelde zijn verhaal vol enthousiasme!

For a first time it was good talk.

Easy listening and interesting subject.

Anonymous at 21:38 on 14 Sep 2013

Nice talk, especially for a first time talk! Keep on doing this, concrete big data/linked data examples are great. The postcode API example gives some insight in what's possible with the data and that it isn't as easy as you hope.

Small tip; Try to give a bit more (interesting) examples of the types of data as you explain them, or try to show a small example/demo. Would make it even more attractive.

Enthousiastic speaker. I agree that a small demo (on a locally installed resource?) would have spiced it up a bit. You could even record a demo if you do not want to rely on an internet connection being avable. I enjoyed how you reduced the hyped words to what they really mean. We'll live with AAPIE.