Discovering SPL


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Awesome talk, really engaging speaker and just really interesting topic. I should do more with SPL :)

@rick: im really interested in which chrome extension you are reffering to. Are you sure you commented on the right talk?

Really nice talk, I thought I was beginning to understand SPL but I was so wrong about it... Luck in USA!

@Joshua, actually funny story! If I'm not mistaken you created the android app right? It remembers my last comment and when I went to your talk my internet had some issues, after I got my internet back I wanted to submit my comment again but I realized I hadn't even written a comment yet.

So I ended up submitting my last comment again to your talk.

And there seems to be no way of deleting!

For the record: Your talk on discovering SPL was really good and gave me a better understanding! I would like to rate it a 4/5!

rick, no worries, i've deleted your comment (as an admin), so it's not counted in the rating :-)

Good talk explaining what a lot of the SPL does and why it's components are named 'oddly'.

Great talk. If Joshua gives a talk you know you're going to learn at least one new thing! Liked the interaction with the public!