Documenting Code for Dummies


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Thanks Mike for doing this on such a short notice. Great introduction to phpdocumentor.

I liked the introduction; we all know we need to document and we all forget (from time to time).
This intro showed that documenting can be very easy and not only helpful for later developers but also for the person writing the code (with regards to code completion etc. in IDE's).

Thank you Mike for your out of the box talk about phpDocumentor !
It show me its very easy for my self and the other programmers in my team.

So i think we gonna start to use it in every project now !

Anonymous at 21:03 on 17 Sep 2013

For a spur of the moment talk, this was very well done. Lots of audience interaction and some great info. If this were on the main stage, I'd like a little bit deeper content, perhaps about higher level documentation like architecture and use cases.