Frontend Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions


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Interessant om te zien wat er allemaal mogelijk is. Het werd alleen erg rommelig en ongeĆÆnteresseerd gebracht. Het was alsof iemand anders zn slides in elkaar gezet had en hij er zelf niet helemaal achter stond wat er gepresenteerd werd.. Wat op zich weer humoristisch was van tijd tot tijd.

Although the talk lacked structure, hence the 'het kwartje viel', the content was very interesting to me as a newbee to SVG.

Keep the humor, but try to bring the content in a more structured way... else people get lost!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous at 21:29 on 14 Sep 2013

Lacked structure, chaotic, but with a lot of humor and fun. Don't skip over the pros and cons, those are very interesting!

Flatland is an amazing book, but also try to explain it a bit more clearly and structured. Then it will be an amazing talk. :)

I found the talk highly entertaining, but I'd attribute this to the speaker's (possibly unintentionally) humorous way of presenting that reminded me of Eddie Izzard. The talk could have used more structure and a better case study of SVG use in every day web applications, however.

@Jeroen Thanks for citing me.

I don't care about the structure of the talk at all. This was a philosophical and humorous way of showing us the sheer unlimited possibilities of svg, canvas and OpenGl. Very inspiring! But yeah, I don't care about pros and cons either, so you might as well not have the slides in there, or maybe at the very end, in case you would have some time left on a rare occasion. Thanks for sharing this and making us laugh.

Loved it, could nearly hear you thinking ahead before talking.
That gave moments with great humor.

For me it felt like the slides were not adjusted to the audience. Would've loved to have a little more insights in the SVG format and perhaps some practical cases. The same holds for canvas by the way.

Anonymous at 21:05 on 17 Sep 2013

Disorganized as hell and could have used more code samples. However, it was extremely funny and enjoyable, was a nice change of pace from other talks. The content could definitely use polish and depth though, perhaps the speaker needs more practice runs?