Game night


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Great evening, location, view, games and people! Really liked the games, I say lets start a new tradition!

Anonymous at 00:13 on 15 Sep 2013

really really awsome game! Cards against humanity!

Put a bunch of geeks in one room, add games and alcohol and you have both entertainment (some even literally rolled around laughing) and a social. Great concept with games! I'm a big fan of board games and the way you had games both for us "hardcore" gamers and the easy funny social ones (cards against humanity anyone?) made it an event fun for everyone involved.

People who didn't want to play could of course just be there, enjoy the view and chat.

Incredible view and amazing fun people! I had a great time and the best of all is that I (barely) won a card game!

A big thank you to all organizers! You really did a great job

Beer, good company and Cards Against Humanity. It's the perfect storm for a conference social. Other conferences take note.

Played Cards Against Humanity for an hour or so, what an awesome game! Laughed the whole time. Unfortunately I had to go, otherwise I would've been at it all night :)
BTW, very good idea to play some "offline" games afterwards!

Nice to continue the event into the evening/morning *delete as appropriate had several good in-depth discussions, despite the raucous laughter from the group playing CAH! ;)

Please accept my humble apologies for any raucous laughter I generated at the game night... In my defense: it was my first encounter with Cards Agains Humanity!

Doing an offline game-night after a conference was nothing short of brilliant by the way.

Awesome evening, great idea to do analog games after a tech congress. First time playing Cards Agains Humanity and it was just awesome, thanks for introducing me!