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Anonymous at 21:41 on 14 Sep 2013

Nice non-tech talk, sound could be better and felt a bit rushed, but great to hear something about the new media devision of BNN.

Nice to hear what keeps you guys busy at the television :) good talk with nice slides

Anonymous at 00:07 on 15 Sep 2013

Interesting to learn more about what's going on at BNN. I hope you guys can get started on implementing Scrum to jump into new media developments faster.

It was an interesting keynote but incredibly difficult for me to follow as a non-native dutch speaker because it was very rushed trough. The speed of talking meant I could unfortunately not follow everything :(

Nice to hear about the efforts of a large media company coping with (mobile-)apps and new type of users, and trying to find new strategies in attempting to draw and also keep crowds.

Nice to hear something else than all that technical stuff all day :) It's was very clear that Jesse Burkunk is in the media business, because I was hyped as **** when the talk was done (not really my taste).

Nice keynote!

Fun to hear about how it goes behind the scenes at BNN HQ :)

Loved to hear a "behind the scenes" talk.

Jesse does a good talk (maybe a bit too fast), but to me it did not feel like the "crown" on a good congress day. It's always interesting to get a look in someone else's kitchen, but it was a bit too high-level and it did not inspire me.