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This talk had a lot of useful information in it and there were some great tips and tricks given. It is clear that Adrian really knows what he is talking about.

Only thing is that there was too much information stuffed into the talk, so it was a bit difficult to follow.

I enjoyed the talk and took away some useful ideas.

To be constructive, using a presentation program (even Google Slides) means that the program will resize the content for the screen it's displayed on, which is a useful tip when working with projectors.

I also felt that you spoke quite quickly which made you difficult to understand at some points.

Kudos to you for a very good presentation dispute technical difficulties.

Good talk with a high level of detail - even seasoned developers would have things to take away. Technical difficulties could have been addressed with some pre-talk testing, however given the hitches you handled it well. I think this may have pushed the pace of delivery slightly to high due to related nerves at some points, given the audience is mostly non-native English speaking that could have presented issues. Overall I enjoyed it, especially as I know some of the projects that provided the source scenarios.

Very informative talk with a loads of details. Pickup some new things during the talk. It would have been better to do some beamer testing preventing information crucial cut off the screen.