Parenting vs. Programming


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Creating content within two hours, and sharing it in such a professional way.... the only thing I can say? 5 thumbs up... I will need this information on my new startup! ;)

Great experiences shared!

I'm not a parent but it's still something that is interesting to hear about, and with the life-work balance things can happen in life that makes it difficult to keep working fulltime, you indeed have to take care of yourself as well.

The way Kathryn explained her journey was inspirational and fun to hear. The talk was only prepared in 2 hours but it felt quite well polished, well done! :)

This was a well executed talk, I think this subject needs more and more attention. Programming (in PHP) hasn't been around that long - but certainly long enough to have a large group of people who got into and are now parents currently combining "programming and parenting". Not only the mothers :-)

Awesome talk, I can so relate to many things said. Thanks for sharing and hope to see your talk at other conferences as well but maybe then turned into a more generic work-life balance talk (hint: phpbenelux has their cfp open ;))