PHPCR: A better way to structure your content


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A decent effort for a first talk; understandable and pretty knowledgeable speaker on the subject, and good presentation skills. Although I don't think I totally "get" what phpcr is all about.
It would have been clearer to see some practical examples;
Not only say when to use it, but show us how at the same time. A short intro into the API perhaps? If it's good for hierarchical structures, show us how and why.

It did sound like a helpful standard based on proven technology but now I don't really know why I should start using it.

Although it was clear that Willem-Jan Zijderveld didn't have much talk experience (I believe this was his first), he pulled it off just fine. I would have liked to see PHPCR in action, but there's only so much you can do in 10/15 minutes.

Willem-Jan picked a too short slot to explain PHPCR in any detail at all.. so this rating is a three.
BUT: I think there's absolutely space for those last two thumbs up with a longer talk and a little more rehearsal. Keep it up!