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Great discussion. Started a bit messy with the Dutch/English mix, but turned out really fun. Nice way to interact with the audience!

Agree with the comment above. Loved the different approach for the talk.

Bit messy and I think your English was great (both of you!) so should have stuck to English all the way. Other than that - Great idea and it sparked interesting conversation :)

It was great to get a lot of interaction and discussion from the crowd.
The intro could be shortened or use a slide.

I think this is a great talk by Uncle Bob Martin touching on some of the very points the PHP Hooligans are trying to make:

I love the format, I love the interaction. IMO, this should not be a "talk", but a recurring track on other conferences as well...
What could have been done better was the intro; where it's made clear that the points on screen are to be attacked by the audience and defended by the speakers.

As an alternative format (if the group is not too large), you could draw a line through the room, select a subject, and let the aucience take seats according to their opinion. It creates the opportunity for opening questions like "why are you sitting on that side". It should also be possible to switch sides during the discussion if you're convinced by the other side.

-- during the fight a point was made that we clarified some of the "issues" and it should be documented. If this hooliganism should catch on, and be repeated, the updated points could evolve and be discussed further by a totally different group...

My thoughts are flying on this.. as you can see: highly inspirational!