Redis For The Everyday Developer


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Awesome as always, couldn't tell for a second (expect that you mentioned it) that you hardly prepared for it.

Great talk. Good speed no time to get distracted.

Good explanation of the redis basics! And entertaining as always.

Incredible talk, as always

Excellent talk. It had very good speed and was very informatative. It was also very entertaining.

It definitely convinced me (and other people) to try/use Redis.

A great talk that covers all of the Redis basics and then some. Clear and to-the-point use cases and code examples.

What can I say? Are you sure, Ross, that you only got the call to give this talk 2 days before?

We already use Redis as a key/value store, but now I realise we should be using it for so much more. The content was excellently structured and perfectly delivered. I laughed out loud a lot.

The only thing better than this talk is tentacle porn.

Great talk about a great subject. Good pace as well, so no time for distractions. The presentation was especially good as there was no bashing to other db systems, a good explanation of what Redis is about and finally some very diverse use cases to show the capabilities of Redis. Well done!

Talk of the day for me.

After having heard another Ross talk earlier this week, I was expecting much and got delivered even more!
I agree with the above comments; positive, witty, very informative with clear cases of the how, when and why. Just give us a bit more time to comprehend it all and to really laugh out loud.

I just wish all presentations were as good as this.

Very impressive and smooth talk! Clearly Ross Tuck has done this before :)
I also got a little ashamed that a while ago I needed an in-memory cache, looked at Redis and decided to go with Memcached. Not that it was a bad choice by itself, but knowing now what else Redis can do, I'm seriously considering switching!

GREAT ! High speed examples, now thinking what i am going to do with it.
Learned a lot of new things here.

Your talk was really great and shows the possibilities and future of Redis.

As always, Ross did an amazing job bringing to us practical examples and a really good overview about Redis. It was "the talk of the day" in my opinion.

As expected Ross delivered a great talk with a lot of humor in it. Fast paced but good to follow. brpoplpush all the way!

I'm with Erika: This was my talk of the day as well. Hadn't seen / heard it on yet (I know it's listed there). Luckily.
Excellent and energetic talk, well-balanced between humor and serious information.