Sassy Stylesheets with SCSS


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Great talk!

Learned a great deal about sccs.

We are going tot look into this further and try and use this for our webshops.

Thank you!

Definitely going to try this out when I get home. Great talk entertaining and structured!

Hey Kathryn,

Very well explained and structured introduction to SCSS. I think everyone in the room, must have gotten a global understanding how to implement it.

Thanks for sharing!

Very nice introduction to SCCS. The presentation clearly explained what you can do with it as well give some useful examples.

The presentation could probably be done a bit faster. The basics of SCCS are not hard to understand and the extra time could probably be used for even more useful scenario's or other useful things.

All in all the talk was fun to listen to and a good learning experience.


Meant SCSS of course.

It's great you were actually live coding and accepting the occasional mistake. These actually made it stick better. SCSS is a concept we were definitely missing in CSS. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Good clear presentation of the benefits of SCSS. Slightly put off by screen only syncing at what appeared to be 800x600. Good to see the related tools and where/why you would use them.

jeremy, apologies for that! i had asked the tech person which resolution to choose, and was instructed to go with 800x600. it surprised me too, but i figured he knew what he was doing. next time i'll trust my instincts!

Well-given talk. After a short while I was asking myself why I'm still using regular CSS. Mission accomplished :)