Serializing Entities for the frontend


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Anonymous at 21:41 on 14 Sep 2013

Nice talk, interesting component, try to explain somewhat more what the goal of the talk is and if the component is usable outside Symfony etc. That would help to keep everyone on board, but great talk! Keep on talking! :)

Pretty nice and informative talk about the tool under development.
I will be checking it out.

Very interesting talk and topic. I really enjoyed such a simple yet good solution to a common problem. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this DataView project!

Interesting talk, especially liked how you stated the actual issue and requirements of the solution. I'm not fully convinced this is THE tool I'd pick to solve such a problem, but it definitely is an option.

Anonymous at 21:08 on 17 Sep 2013

Good talk, speaker seemed a little inexperienced but did very well. Would have liked to see a little more info about other serialization options and not focus only on his own library, I don't feel like I have enough context to choose based on what was presented.