Testing with Codeception


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Anonymous at 15:46 on 14 Sep 2013

Very interesting

Great to here what Codeception is and what it differentiate from other testing frameworks.

For me there were to much demo's, but that's probably just taste.

Anonymous at 21:32 on 14 Sep 2013

Best and most interesting talk of the day. New interesting stuff, great and clearly structured talk. Sad there wasn't a little more time for the more complex examples, those would have shown the more powerfull features (I think). But the talk definitely triggered me to look further into codeception.

Anonymous at 00:06 on 15 Sep 2013

Codeception is awsome!

Beautifully delivered and an amazing new tool for me to try out when I get back to work. What more can I say. As a note to conference organisers, this would be much better as a tutorial as 40-50 minutes is too short for such a cool topic.

Awesome. Overwhelming amount of possiblities. Testing technologies are definitely evolving faster then I can keep up with them. This one I am going to try today.

Good talk with a lot of information. Codeception is a great tool as an umbrella system for various types of tests. Your explanation was excellent, but I also missed a few things. The demo time focussed too much on a single type of test, and thus leaving out the power of Codeception to run integration tests or unit tests as well.

Personally, checking the database for acceptance tests is also not really in place and there was little discussion about that subject. But that might be a matter of personal taste as well.

Very informative and beautifully presented introduction to Codeception.
I like these kind of presentations where the power and possibilities of the tool in question becomes clearer by the minute. And where the enthusiasm of the speaker makes you want to dive in immediately.

And I am with Gary, would have loved a longer tutorial about this!

Clear talk about what Codeception is and does. Nice to see a real demo of some of the features. Although I've just started looking into BDD with Behat and phpspec, I'll have a look at Codeception as well!

Good talk, good pace. The tool itself was completely new from me, but because it was well explained I was able to follow all steps. This tools seems quite useful as it integrates testing various domains. Will definitely look into this!

Anonymous at 21:06 on 17 Sep 2013

Very good talk, learned a lot, very well presented. Could perhaps use some better editing about what content to include in the time frame, I felt like there was very powerful features that couldn't be discussed because the speaker ran out of time.

Thanks for all the feedback folks, it's very useful - glad to see some of you already using Codeception, that's by far the best feedback possible - you were inspired enough to try it!