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Anonymous at 17:24 on 2 Feb 2013

i think you crammed in to much in the presentation, it would have been better to highlight some stuff than trying to present it all

I had the same feeling as Ike. The topic was way too broad to fit into the timeslot. You should try to pick out a few (basic) things, and give some more detailed info on how they fit together, just to get people started.

The presentation was a little bit to crammed. I did really like the enthousiasme of Lukas Smith, the other presenter was to nervous.

I really liked the presentation. But I would love to see some examples that are not on the landing page of a project. Like Satis or RDFa. I know to give a talk with two people on stage is harder then to do it alone.

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed we had a lot of content for those 50mins. We wanted to give a full overview. If we would have left out any code slides we could have done it less crammed, but also wanted to give a feel for things on the code level. Not sure what we best could have left out .. maybe our goal was too lofty and we should have just focused on Symfony2+CMF+Vespolina?

A lot of work obviously went into this presentation but I think it should have been split up into 2 or more talks.

Lukas is obviously passionate about code and that excitement came through very well, I would definitely like to hear more about things like PSR-3 and the inner workings of Symfony 2 but perhaps in a more focused approach next time would give him the justice he deserved.

As Tom said above Daniel was very nervous but don't underestimate how intimidating we all are :-) I think a Vespolina centric talk (maybe a lightning talk) would have been better suited in this scenario.

I will definitely be on the lookout for the slides.

Cheers guys.

I liked the talk and I it was one of the better ones giving a good introduction to the topic. Especially focusing on the ecosystem. It's great to see how this has evolved over the past 2-3 years!