Creating a dashboard with Laravel and Vue


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This was the third time I saw Freek speaking, and it has always been a pleasure. Freek manages to talk you through an interesting subject in a warm, friendly and humorous manner. He knows a lot about the technologies he uses, but manages to bring across his humble and eager-to-learn spirit.

This talk was exactly what a demo talk should be. Just the right balance between some background information, showing code, even live coding - which went smoothly! Freek managed to convey his enthousiasm and made me wanna dive into vue.js right away.

I really enjoyed the talk. I already played around with the dashboard a little bit, but the presentation really helped me to understand more of the nuts and bolts of the application. I especially liked that the talk was quite technical, but never complex. Everything was explained in such a way that even beginners in vue could stay engaged with the talk.
Extra points for the band-shirt freek was wearing.