Everyone knows (in some way) how to build a web app. Writing code isn't that hard, just visit Codeacademy to learn how.However, it's not because the code is bug-free, or your app looks great or is optimised for any kind of load, that you'll get people to actually visit your app.This talk contains some lessons learned from working together with any kind of profile: UX architects, visual designers and more importantly online marketeers, to make your site perform and compete in the Google search result


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Good introduction to technical seo. A lot of valuable tips (adding a title, using a sitemap, adding redirects ...) were presented in a clear way. What I kinda missed in the talk were some actionable tips on how to interpret Google Analytics data to improve seo for an existing site. But I guess that could almost be a talk on it's own.

In any case, well done!

Here are some links to packages to improve Seo for Laravel apps: https://twitter.com/freekmurze/status/880134667244064768

Dries Vints at 18:49 on 29 Jun 2017

Good talk! Some good pointers I'll be using soon in a project :-)

Perhaps try it in English next time, that way more people can listen to what you have to say.