Taking care of backups with Laravel


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Ben Cavens at 23:36 on 29 Jun 2016

Nice and steady walkthrough of the backup package. The live demo of the different config options made it easy to follow.

Interesting talk, Freek his English is very fluent. During the talk their where soms new stuff i've never heard of.
On a Globale view: altho the title saids larval, their are principles that can be uses in another framework.

Content: I really liked the approach of the plugin that was presented and I can definitely see the value for S&M businesses. As someone who hasn't used Laravel yet, I liked to see some of it's features too.

Speaker: the presentation was fluent and well organized. I liked that other backup options were mentioned as well, which IMO is important because the title is quite generic.

Demo: it went very well considering internet was slow. When internet is so slow, after showing how the S3 disk works, it may be better to go back to the settings and disable it for the rest of the demo: then we get to see how it works with a couple of commands, but then the rest of the demo can continue to run smoothly. Having said that, I really didn't mind waiting because you moved on with the presentation while the commands were running and that was the perfect way of handling a situation like that.