Chatops - Modern workflow


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Anonymous at 10:04 on 31 Mar 2016

For your first talk, you did very well. Congrats!

Your slides and demo were all good. The minions were a nice touch :)

You also spoke very well. I think if you practiced on speaking a bit more slowly and calmly it would be perfect. But again, for your first talk it was good :)
One thing I'd drop from the talk is the opening sound. I was a bit confused at first because I thought someone's cellphone was ringing. But hey this could be just me.
I think you're also ready do to a longer talk so keep practicing and perhaps try a longer one next time.

Looking forward to seeing you speak again!

Very good for a first talk. You had a well structured talk and delivered it with confidence. Content-wise i think some additional context of what deploying involves would have been nice for the hobbyists in the audience who might be less familiar with the general principles. Style-wise try to pay attention to talking in a consistently loud and clear voice. But definitely keep presenting!

Anonymous at 09:45 on 1 Apr 2016

Interesting and fun, nice talk!
Still wondering if a fail-over when slack is down, would impact delivery time or if all is back to manual

Anonymous at 23:17 on 1 Apr 2016

(for the record: I only saw the last 20 minutes)

I thought it was a very cool subject. Your enthusiasm certainly was a big plus. You were clearly a bit nervous, and I think that's why you spoke a little quick sometimes. If you want to fleshen out this talk you could consider giving some more code examples.

But for a first talk this was a-ok! Job well done.

That previous comment (23:17) was mine. Forgot to login. Here's 4 thumbs up again :-)

Thijs Feryn at 10:51 on 6 Apr 2016

Good talk, nice overview & intro about the TheseDays ChatOps integration. Was hoping get more in-depth information on how to implement this myself. Was also hoping to get more info on the Slack-side of the project and how you implemented the commands & bots.