For our May meetup will be returning to the beautiful offices of Wunderkraut. A big thank you to them for hosting us again.

Wednesday 31st May 2017

20:00 How do we use functional programming to minimize our flaws
Talk by Steven Vandevelde (30 minutes)

- Predictability - Immutability & pure functions - Runtime errors - What, not how - Type systems & data modelling - Refactoring

20:45 What every developer should know about time, no excuses
Talk by Joeri Sebrechts (30 minutes)

Physics would be easy to understand, if it were not for time messing up every equation. Similarly it goes for code. In many code bases, date and time handling is the first place to go looking for bugs. This talk covers the nature of time as it applies to software, why most platform time API's are broken in subtle ways and how to work around that, and the strategies to use when writing code that is time- and time zone aware.