Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks


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A great talk that went a bit beyond just Doctrine to include some general good practices and tips applicable across several layers of an application.

I would have enjoyed a bit more depth on the Doctrine-specific material, but the balance you found was good for a general audience. It didn't make the talk any less interesting either.

Ben Cavens at 11:52 on 28 Jan 2016

Great talk about best ORM practices and isolation of the application business models.
The talk was guided by plenty of comprehensive examples.

Doctrine is no prerequisite to follow this talk. You can easily port these best practices to your own DAL workflow.

Anonymous at 12:46 on 28 Jan 2016

Amazing talk!

I very much liked that fact that you had examples to back up all the theory. And it was nice to see that code snippets used PHP 7 features :-)

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