How to Migrate Anything with DDD


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Gilbert West at 21:09 on 27 Jan 2016

Nice to see migrations discussed on this way and I'll definitely explore

I very much liked the talk and the passion for the project you were showing.
Some more code examples and/or demo's earlier on in the talk would have been nice.

I'll keep an eye on how Baleen will evolve.

Ben Cavens at 11:46 on 28 Jan 2016

I liked the pace of the presentation. Not too fast and easy to absorb the info.
Also the concept of migration abstraction is always present throughout the talk.

A reference to a real fw integration would have been nice to fully grasp the benefits of Baleen as a unifying migration platform.

Mike Simonson at 10:58 on 30 Jan 2016

All in all the talk was really nice.
I think that you can still improve it by for example trying to show the example first and then the theory that get extracted from it. Another thing could be to use a common subject throughout the talk for the example. That might make the example easier to follow. For example you should try to use the subject of your intro as a base for all the examples.