Advanced package development


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Anonymous at 11:08 on 19 Aug 2015

Nice coverage for package developers.

Talk could be better prepared. Lighten the mood with some jokes or things the audience can relate to in a fun way.

Perhaps mention that you're going to cover a bit of PSR-7 in the description/beginning of your talk. It's still a rather new topic and might be an attention getter.

I don't maintain PHP packages, so for me everything you described was fairly new.

That said, I learned a lot. The obvious hints are worth repeating (from the PHP checklist) and the tips on Composer and the helpful tools like construct and studio gave the talk meaningful value to me.

I can imagine for a seasoned PHP developer there may not be a lot of new content in this talk for them, but if that's not your target audience - and you're aiming for starting/intermediate PHP developers - this is a very well designed talk with plenty of useful content and tips.