Kunstmaan bundles for Symfony 2


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Anonymous at 10:52 on 19 Aug 2015

The dangers of talks like these is that they may end up looking like a sales pitch. :-)

It's not always easy to find the balance, but I think you managed to do OK. The talk was very well designed, which is always pleasing to the eye.

It gave a thorough overview of the features and tools included in the Kunstmaan bundles, they obviously offer a very nice CLI client that help speed things up.

I did not have a use for it myself, but I do appreciate the value it brings. The many questions that were asked during and after the talk prove that there is value in both the bundles and the presentation, for getting it known.

Ps; live coding is always dangerous, if I can offer any kind of advice, it's to prepare the live coding as much as possible and have a back-up plan (screencast). :-)

Great talk about a great package.