When Bruce Lee started his own martial art, he took all the best traits from the different flavours of Kung Fu and adapted it, to make his own unique version that suited him best. In this talk, I will draw parallels between software craftmanship and how Bruce Lee approached honing his skill. In the end, I will prove to you that Bruce Lee was, in fact, a software architect.


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JGM_io at 09:30 on 23 Feb 2017

Is there an online slide-deck or reference list?

This was an amazing talk. I liked both the content (that was both fun and educationa) and the speaker (bonus points for the enthusiasm you brought to the table). The Bruce Lee references were great. This is a talk that I'm going to remember for a long time. This talk could/should be given at any conference (not just the PHP ones).

I really loved this talk. Really set the mindset I hope to implement into future projects.