Impostor syndrome seems to be prevalent in the developer community, ironically often amongst the most capable developers. What is the impact of impostor syndrome, where does it come from and how can we show it the door?


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JGM_io at 09:32 on 23 Feb 2017

Good subject matter but could've used a bit more structure

This is a really important subject. Pretty sure that a lot of people will find this talk very helpful. Giggles for the code examples from the past :-)

I really liked the informal style of presenting. You're coming across as "one of us" and not a speaker thats standing on a pedestal (which is exactly the point that you were trying to make during the talk). That being said, I think the pacing of the talk could be a bit faster, at some points it was dragging a bit. It could also benefit from a little more structure. Laying out which points you are going to cover at the beginning of the talk would help a lot.

I really hope that you are going to give this talk again at other user groups and conferences.

I really like it. The subject is great and it's definitely something we should share/talk about more in the community.
The only real criticism I had is that you were not really confident in the talk you were bringing (yes I see the irony in saying this). This is really ill-founded, the talk itself is really up to snuff.