Asynchronous PHP


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Good technical demonstration of how to do asynchronous stuff in PHP, but would be good to spend a bit more time highlighting use cases that really benefit from this stuff.

Great overview of async / queues / react and Php. Would be great to get the slides and links to the resources.

Anonymous at 19:03 on 12 Mar 2015

Good overview of the subject.

Anonymous at 23:16 on 12 Mar 2015

As someone who hasn't worked much in this area, I found it very helpful. It was good that it covered a range of different frameworks and included code demos that actually demonstrated how they behave at runtime.

Awesome talk. Super informative and I could really tell that the subject was something Chris really enjoys.

This was a great talk. Competent, to the point, engaging and packed with useful information. And a great topic with lots of relevance for developers in contemporary PHP projects.