Building a scalable system for tracking shipping packages


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Very good talk on the solutions for Etsy scaling from a simple solution to a more complex queue solution

Interesting talk, but they're was a bit too much flicking between slides at some points, which was a little off-putting.

Interesting talk on scaleability with larger systems, particularly involving a heavy load of different types of (payment) APIs. The solutions were smart and good to delve into.

Anonymous at 18:40 on 13 Mar 2015

Anonymous at 22:35 on 13 Mar 2015

Good effort and liked the encouragement to share ideas for different approaches. Was good to get some insight into how a large scale problem like the one analysed was solved. On occasion could be a little too content-heavy. Would have appreciated if the slides were made available online and then the presentation itself was then more interactive (with slides for review).

Good talk on an interesting and relevant topic. Was lacking some clarity in some areas.