Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Well done on delivering some great information about a potentially fairly dry topic at the end of an intense couple of days. You deserve that beer!

Anonymous at 17:03 on 13 Mar 2015

I enjoyed the talk. Loved all of the humour, subtle and otherwise. And, very informative, and well argued.

Only suggestion I would make: It would have been useful to put the motivation (the "why is REST graet?" slides) at the beginning, not the end, so I am extra-motivated to pay attention to the talk.

Anonymous at 18:45 on 13 Mar 2015

Very interesting talk but I think the content was too in depth. You lost me somewhat towards the end.

Really great advice on how to implement a RESTful Web Service the right way and achieve Level 3 in Richardson Maturity Model.

Anonymous at 22:46 on 13 Mar 2015

Good energy and humour in the presentation. Very thoroughly research content. A lot of information was covered in a short space of time which is good but a little overwhelming for me. Great that the slides were made available online.

Anonymous at 23:39 on 13 Mar 2015

Anonymous at 12:03 on 14 Mar 2015

A great end-to-end explanation - in crash course format.