Developing Stable applications with PHP and 3rd party services


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Anonymous at 15:31 on 13 Mar 2015

Excellent delivery but unfortunately the content didn't engage me as much as I hoped it would.

Anonymous at 18:43 on 13 Mar 2015

Was interesting but got off topic I thought

Anonymous at 22:44 on 13 Mar 2015

I liked the "lecture"-style approach with Dave keeping it interactive through questions as the presentation progressed. Did find the live code demo a bit off topic (or at least would have benefited of having 99% of the code already written so the focus was more on the demonstration of the service rather than coding a test/calculator). All in all, still a great presentation and found it quite useful.

The grunt use was interesting and i liked the journey to the concept of rapid prototyping as a practice to attain more competence for estimations. I would have expected something else under the title of the talk, but given that you had half your bang taken away by Dustin, you showed great improvisation skills.
The live demo was spending too much time on shuffling code around and i would have like more ideas on how to do rapid prototyping.
Also not a fan of the lecture style of presentation, though it did a great job in keeping people engaged.