E-Commerce IoT(Internet of Things) integration with PHP platforms


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Brilliant! Always great to see a talk that is unique and that stands out from the crowd.

Also great to see the demo pulled off so flawlessly. Demos are ballsy.

Anonymous at 11:18 on 12 Mar 2015

Good presentation with some interesting IoT devices, noticed in your arduino yun sheet you had a typo, enviroment=environment

Love anything IoT and this talk didn't disappoint. Lovely demo and an interested bit of Braintree API stuff.

Fun and informative talk!

Very entertaining.

It was alright. Needed more cat pictures.

It's always good to see active development of corporation-based tools to help the many user bases adopt and adapt technologies for a richer experience.

Anonymous at 16:37 on 12 Mar 2015

Glad that the demo work. I wasn't super-excited by the topic, but your enthusiasm carried the talk.

I felt that the humour was a bit overused and a bit in-joke-y, which, as someone not particularly interested in the topic, pushed me a bit further away.

Anonymous at 18:59 on 12 Mar 2015

Good one Stephen. I personally despise IOT but hey :-)

I enjoy anything IoT. It was interesting to see the real world applications integrated with PHP, arduino & raspberry pi.

Anonymous at 23:04 on 12 Mar 2015

Good talk. Enjoyed the passionate delivery and Steven's relaxed persona. Interesting topic and enjoyed the "live demo".

Very interesting topic. Liked to get some insights into the struggles and solutions when using PHP for IoT applications. Could have expanded on that aspect a bit more. Also, your talks are entertaining, but you could turn down a notch on the comedy.