Acceptance and Integration Testing With Behat


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Anonymous at 17:18 on 29 Oct 2011

Despite technical problems this was a very interesting introduction to Behat.

Anonymous at 00:15 on 30 Oct 2011

Great intro to BDD for PHP, and if all attendees had done the prerequisite behat install, everything would have gone much more smoothly.
The second part of the talk ended a bit early, and that time could have been used for some live coding.

But for a first workshop by Ben, I say: Well done Sir!

Very interesting talk, very well presented and explained. Workshop idea was a bit ambitious :)

It was a very useful talk, i have knowledge on unit testing, so marco talk was more a bit of "i am on the good way" , but in your talk i realized another upper level, and demos helped a lot.

I think one hour is short for Workshops in my opinion , mostly if need configuration, but slides and demos were very clear, so i founded easy to follow.

Good job!

I must say that it was quite ambitious to get everyone to install Behat live, but Ben Waine almost got to it. Nice point to bring code examples in USB, helped a lot to distribute it.

Maybe a good thing in next technical workshops would be to say in abstracts what people needs to have installed in their laptops if they want to follow perfectly the examples.

Hey All - Thanks for the feedback, invaluable stuff! Regards the technical difficulties with setting up Behat, I think a virtual machine is the way to go next time.

Great talk about BDD. I was overwhelmed by all the concepts, but after the talk I begin to see the light between the clouds. Technical problems apart, Ben has a lot of energy, hasn't he? Thank you!