Caching on the edge


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Anonymous at 12:53 on 28 Oct 2011

Nicely put, good presentation.
And I learned something new.

Anonymous at 14:17 on 28 Oct 2011

It did really open my eyes; as web developers we very often ignore the actual protocol that we're sending stuff through. Understanding the underlying mechanics of HTTP is indeed really important and even though I was half asleep the talk did indeed have many valid points and was nicely presented.

Some intetesting bits, mostly basic though

Great talk for having a solid starting point on caching using the HTTP protocol.

Great talk. I've got a big #todo: read the HTTP specification

Anonymous at 20:25 on 29 Oct 2011

Too basic stuff at times (explaining how HTTP works) but a couple of good points too.

great talk, a great reminder and learnt a few new things along the way.

KISS - lots of basics but pretty sure most in the room don't even consider it

Although much of the talk was what you can see in Symfony2 caching documentation, but anyway it is a pleasure to hear Fabien live. Big todo to all of us, read the HTTP Specification.

Great talk! It's very nice to listen the basics explained by a master. Specially some basics I even knew about, thought.

I agree with the rest of comments, it's necessary a re-read of http headers...