Dependency Injection in PHP 5.3 and 5.4


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Very good introduction to DI and DIC, much better than last year's.

Very good talk with simple examples.

Anonymous at 23:57 on 29 Oct 2011

The talk is quite thourough, progressing quicly from the basics of dependency injection. You can see that Fabien has practised this talk many times, as the performance was flawless

Absolutely agree with Christof Damian, much better than last year and nice to see PHP5.4 improvements on DI.

Bad thing is that if you're not using Symfony2 or DI in your projects it can be difficult to see the power in this powerful pattern, specially how it helps to really unit test all your application.

I agree again with Ricard Clau... much better than two years ago because you have make an absolutely distinc between DI and DI + C.

I think that it's the first time that I understand all the talk (well.. at least 75% of the talk)...

I think perhaps the motivation for DI could be explained a little better, but that might not leave time to go through the DIC to the same level. The beginning didn't really grab me, but the step-by-step implementation of the container was very helpful with an excellent practical explanation of closures.

Good and detailed instructions on how to use DI, with an overview of code without DI and then gradually improving it using DI, including the use of a DI Container. Enjoyed this talk.

After the talk, I have to sit with the ideas I took and manage to find why should I use such an complex method to deal with Containers. What happened with KISS?

Anyway, I love that software engineering behind.