Doctrine 2


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Nice introduction - it seems interesting and I'm a Propel user :)

Touching on some of the more advanced parts would have been useful - eg does doctrine support any form of behaviours - eg soft deletable and so on.


Good arguments and introduction to Doctrine2. Let us hope some I-write-my-sql-by-hand give it a go

Nice introduction to Doctrine2, but quite basic from my point of view. Must say that Juozas told this at the beginning, so no complains at all :)

Anyway, it would be nice to add to the talk a small presentation of lifecycles, hydration and all that cool stuff that people can easily understand

Nice talk! I finaly understood what (the hell) is an ORM for, over a formal explaination. Also very funny speaching.

Persuasive introduction, each time I talk to Juozas I get more convinced to try it. Good structure and presentation style too, kept the audience interested. To improve it, I'd think about getting into code a bit sooner to show some more practical examples. It was nice to see how simple things were, but it would be helpful to see more detail. Maybe a quick mocked-up blog application, since you were using that concept through the talk anyway?