PHP in 2011


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LOLs were had, severe burns were handed (static method guy, goto people -I am one of them-...), and overall a great talk abot the past, present and future of PHP.

Anonymous at 00:03 on 30 Oct 2011

Conference room was full, which means half of the attendees had to watch in streaming from another room. Not ideal conditions, I'm rating this as three, which is shared as follows : 5 for rasmus, 1 for the organisers.

great talk, love the way PHP is heading. Looking forward to the day WordPress makes the min requirement as 5.4.

Anonymous at 12:23 on 30 Oct 2011

I was on the front row :)

Great talk, lot´s of good ideas to try.
The best of the conference IMOHO

Great talk at PHP Barcelona! It's always a pleasure and an inspiration to listen your demystifying, down to earth opinions and practical experiences.

Amazing talk from the creator of PHP with a nice review of some cool new stuff on PHP5.4 and the future.
It is so much fun to see that while most people is talking about frameworks, he is absolutely focused on performance.

Anything to comment... a very good talk about PHP from a point of view of simplicity.

Interesting tidbits on performance issues in PHP applications that I'll be using in the future. The history of how PHP got to the position its in was good, a few angles I just hadn't considered before. Speaking style was very laid back and easy to follow.

Although I respect Rasmus and I enjoyed most parts of the talk, I didn't always agree with some of the things that were mentioned. I learned some nice tricks/tips, but they didn't always fit into the story or "the bigger picture".

I had the impression that Rasmus was somewhat biased, which of course is his right. All in all I enjoyed it and I'm happy to see a talk by the guy who started it all. I would definitely want to see this talk again and check if my criticism would still be valid.

Rasmus gave a good and interesting overview of the history of PHP, where it is now and what the future looks like, but sometimes I had the feeling that some of the other topics he touched were not always that related to the subject of the talk. I did like the overview of the new things in PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4, where PHP is going, and there were some performance tips in the talk that are quite useful.

Rasmus has very clear point of view and he always defends it with passion.

I liked how Rasmus performance tips are actually about simplifying our code (e.g. timezones) and not just based on throwing away object-oriented programming and frameworks. Great speaker which took us throughout the history of PHP and why it has taken a different road from languages such as Java.
I couldn't digest the goto part, since it is not just a break 2 (can be used to jump forward to any point in the scope).