PHP in the Cloud


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Good demos (shame orchastra didn't work) and level of talk. Thanks.

Anonymous at 14:49 on 28 Oct 2011

Well done.

(shame about the microphone issues but the speaker coped very well with them ).

Really good in handling a keynote even with that microphone, it didn't feel long at all and there was no marketing.

A good speaker, it shows in a few details like managing audio issues and creating catchy moments with the audience. Good topic with a clear talk roadmap.

Good talk with a great speaker!

The speaker was great and the talk much better than I expected.

Great speaker. Really good handling serious problems with the sound.

found it very useful, esp the PaaS vs IaaS comparisons

Anonymous at 23:54 on 29 Oct 2011

Somewhat basic but interesting nonetheless

Great talk! You did a very interesting aproach to this marketing concept. I could also learn how to turn a problem into a joke.

Nice keynote, Joe! Good to see that you didn't go all commercial on this one. I appreciate it that you used my definition of Cloud in your talk.

I did hope to see a bit more of neutral advice for the regular PHP developer. You just mentioned Azure+ & Orchestra, but there are much more companies out there that offer Cloud solutions for PHP developers.

I'm happy it was quite entertaining and you did mention what the buzzwords were all about (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Great job, I'm curious how this one will evolve and I look forward to seeing it again. I must also mention that you remained strong in the face of adversity: the echo problems with the microphone and the annoying background music ... most speakers would panic or get angry.

Clear and elaborate keynote, taking the attendees through what it takes to start using PHP in the cloud. Nice content and not too heavy as well, good you showed us live how it works, even though the internetz failed a bit :) You handled the echoing issues very well, just kept on going like a pro. Overall a good and objective take on cloud technologies.