Pre-processing for Perfection


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Anonymous at 12:30 on 29 Oct 2011

Sorry, but i really do not see the point of all this... on the client side maybe, but server side?

Detailed talk showing how you can effectively pre-process your code similar to compiled languages without any of the usual drawbacks. Clearly, not for everyone, but very powerful for those that get it.

Good talk, can see what's the point of using this technique, but looks like it can lead to some problems when debugging if you do not have clear and correct info about the system a bug was detected in. Anyway, it was an informative and very clear talk.

personally, won't be able to use this (in some ways against this sort of optimization) but can see how it would be of use especially in legacy infrastructures and companies refusing to update their tech

speaker obviously knew his stuff, went over the heads of many

Good talk. Maybe I cannot see the useful of this technique in real world, but it was good discussion topic during the breaks.

Anonymous at 12:23 on 1 Nov 2011

Nice implementation, but I talked a lot with other attendees and no one was able to find out a use case for preprocessing of PHP code; the example was based on browser detection on the server side. Any profiling demonstrating a performance improvement?