Sensible Scaling


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Anonymous at 18:08 on 29 Oct 2011

Awesome presentation! Thanks a lot dude! Can't wait to have the slides!!!

Really nice talk, I liked it very much.

It was an interesting talk. Maybe it would be great to talk a little more about some things that was just mentioned. But it was interesting

Easy to follow presentation, excellent created with the goal to summarize some cool conference topics. But most of all it had great value for us as developers of scaling applications.

Thanks Rowan.

A pretty broad overview, would have liked to see more in-depth examples (hence the 4), but good talk, speaker and topic, making a great end to the conference. Thanks Rowan!

Great talk Rowan. Probably the best in the conference, both in terms of presentation and speaker knowledge.


Also the transformers slides were just amazing. props to your wife :D