Test Driven Development with Symfony 2


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Anonymous at 15:45 on 29 Oct 2011

Nice talk, simple and plain for non introduced people like me to the concept of TDD, but deep enough to have a touch with the real thing. Thank you!

Great workshop!
Introduced a lot of interesting concepts of TDD and live coding was pretty smooth,


Anonymous at 15:49 on 29 Oct 2011

Nice Workshop.
I've not used symfony nor TDD but I understood everything well enough!
Maybe a little intro to TDD on Symfony could have been done.

Nice talk Jacopo! Very clear to follow. Only thing I was missing was the clarification that a duplicate test to test variations of the test data (method parameter "jacoporomei" vs. "ismael") is a bad practice that should be avoided (just like duplicate code in general).

Anonymous at 16:53 on 29 Oct 2011

Great, to the point talk. Wish it had achieved what says in the description, but I guess you simply cannot have eveything ;) awesome anyway and it's nicely complimented by the Behat talk that followed...

Anonymous at 17:15 on 29 Oct 2011

Very well done.

Anonymous at 00:12 on 30 Oct 2011

Very interesting talk, the only live coding session on PHP Barcelona

Anonymous at 08:39 on 30 Oct 2011

Despite the short time available jacopo coped very well to transmit with the idea of the talk. Really usefull as it was seeing coding in action. Looking forward to read jacopo's book.

We need more talks citing Fake It, Obvious Implementation and Triangulation as design techniques. The live coding demonstration got very interactive and did not overflow the talk's slot.
A nice final touch in answering the questions in Spanish.

The best workshop in #pbc11 without any doubts. Quite basical if you code Symfony2 on your daily basis, but in my opinion it was not only a good introduction to TDD but also a good introduction to coding in Symfony2. And in just an hour.

Bad thing that the Netbeans fontsize was small and it was quite difficult to see the code from the back side.

Congratulations, and really well done!

Live coding is for the braves. Great workshop. Really inspiring

That's the right way to let feel to everyone the power of TDD.

Your real errors made the workshop very effective.

Nice workshop! I listened about TDD concept before but You've show it in real-dev-action.

very very nice talk becouse I think that you put a lot of energy in your presentation and becouse you have make simple the TDD. I'm sure that TDD can be more and more complicated but you show the essentialy things of TDD and how can be easy implemented in a Symfony2 project.

Enjoyable and the live coding was very smooth. My only criticism would be that I wanted to see a bit more depth and detail of Symfony 2, since a bit too much time was taken up creating the mock data. That said, it's actually motivated me to go off and investigate that myself!