Unit Testing as an Afterthought


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Talk resonated well with my own experiences of unit testing. I liked the focus on real world functional testing - although perhaps this implies for websites you only ever do selenium tests and nothing at a function / class level ?

Unitary looks like a nice useful tool - but isn't likely to replace Jenkins / automated tests for me.

Very good slideless talk. The tool presented seems pointless though.

Great speaker, many doubts - though no certainty - on the tool. In between some good concepts it's always worth to (re)focus on.

Anonymous at 12:23 on 29 Oct 2011

This was a rather long intro to what unit testing is... but where is "simple testing strategy"?

The talk was informative and very well delivered by Marco Tabini, but maybe some more hand-on examples would have improved it. Anyway, made great points and was very useful as a starting guide.

good talk, some more real world examples might have made more impact. can sympathise with that asp story :)

i can see unitary being useful for quick testing

Good speech to convince people to start using Unit Testing, but what happens with people already using it? Anyway, this guy knows how to keep a talk alive!!