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Anonymous at 18:06 on 28 Oct 2011

Great talk Derick. Very enjoyable and informative. Your enthusiasm is quite contagious!

:-) Kristoffer

Very interesting, sadly I was not here but I saw the slide and read some documentation and I will plan to start using Xdebug, you've convinced me!


Anonymous at 00:46 on 29 Oct 2011

I enjoyed the talk!
Also, I agree with the Kristoffer!

See you tomorrow

Anonymous at 12:06 on 29 Oct 2011

Great talk! We are using xdebug right now!

Goot talk! I'm allready using xdebug but I liked to see a bit more about how to setup it on any dev environment.

Also I wished my english understanding was better to manege with your awesome accent (no ofense).

Still digging the way to instantly debug my code :D The talk helped and created a couple of thousands of new doubts, but it was the risk of it.

Anonymous at 13:18 on 31 Oct 2011

Thank you Derick. Been meaning to look into Xdebug for a while. Your excellent talked convinced me that I need to be using it, and here I am on Monday morning now using it.

Great talk!
Even if i used in the past i had something to learn from this presentation.
Pushed up a bit the level of the whole conference.
PS. I'm waiting for those slides :D

Thanks a mill Derick, I've been using XDebug for a number of years now but I still learnt plenty of cool new things from your talk. XDebug is a fantastic tool and I especially appreciate the effort you are making to keep XDebug easy to use and simple. The online installation helper is fantastic! Thanks again!