Learn design then test drive


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Very entertaining!

Anonymous at 12:09 on 30 Oct 2015

Very entertaining and good content. But I missed a some more examples.

Interesting talk. Marcello is very expressive in the stage, and make it even more enjoyable.
The code samples were very fast, so I'll wait for the slides to see them calmly.

A very energetic speaker for a very interesting topic.

Very interesting topic, great speaker ;)
If you plan to come to Paris, let us know!

Anonymous at 17:47 on 30 Oct 2015

Nice presentation with a lot of enrgy but asthe previous talk too theretical for my taste.

Anonymous at 18:35 on 30 Oct 2015

Best talk of the day

Anonymous at 18:44 on 30 Oct 2015

Great talk even after years using phpspec still Duarte surprise me everytime

Anonymous at 20:15 on 30 Oct 2015

Fun and Easy to follow.

Anonymous at 21:06 on 30 Oct 2015

Nice talk as usually Marcello does, maybe the video part showing how phpspec works was a bit faster, so people not familiar with the tool have to revisit the slides.
I enjoy a lot how Marcello exposes the concepts, and the enthusiasm he puts on it.

If you plan to visit Madrid, contact with me and if you want and have free time you can give a talk in the local PHP user group

Anonymous at 22:00 on 30 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 09:28 on 31 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 10:46 on 31 Oct 2015

Really funny and interesting talk, impossible to disconnect and the best one on Friday.
The best things for me were the reinforcements of DDD concepts.

Anonymous at 10:52 on 31 Oct 2015

Funny and whortly talk. The point was clear and the message where well transmited.

Oriol Barcelona at 14:41 on 31 Oct 2015

Great talk, very expressive. "Don't let the controllers control your life" Nice advice. Congratulations!

Anonymous at 14:42 on 31 Oct 2015

Interesting talk. I really enjoyed.

Anonymous at 14:43 on 31 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 15:14 on 31 Oct 2015

Very good talk, although I'd love to see more code examples on it. For example you mentioned how to reestructure the folder structure in a project, but you barely explained how you did it (one quick slide).

Great speaker and talk! I'd have liked to see something else, I felt we were just scratching the surface. BTW I am satisfied with the overall result.

Anonymous at 16:25 on 31 Oct 2015

Good content, and a expressive presentation that activated a sleepy audience. Perhaps best talk of the day.

Very energising talk followed by an even more inspiring answers to attendants open questions.
Definitively an excellent, deeply informed speaker.

Fully enjoyed it, very energetic and informative.

Really great talk and well explained. At first i miss some real code examples but i think this is one of the good things, eacho code is diferent and you have to find your way to keep entrophy in control using good practices, refactor, TDD ...

Please post the slides !!

Marcelo goes beyond the term "speaker" and becomes a "showman" on stage. He gave an inspiring talk with plenty of examples, great slides and funny moments. Managed to get me fully in the subject with little few words. Maybe phpspec videos were too fast to the eye to follow. Thanks!

Anonymous at 22:23 on 3 Nov 2015

The speaker is amazing. The content itself is about why good design is important, a little too theorical maybe, but really a great talk.

Anonymous at 09:11 on 12 Nov 2015

Hi Marcello.

I attended this presentation at the past PHP Barcelona Conference.

It would really useful for me if you publish the slides of your presentation to review the main concepts.