Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world


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Anonymous at 13:26 on 31 Oct 2015

One of the best presentations ;) funny and interesting with lots of examples

Anonymous at 13:32 on 31 Oct 2015

Great talk! Great speaker!

Anonymous at 14:32 on 31 Oct 2015

Good presentation. Cover many cases, interesting and funny.

Oriol Barcelona at 14:48 on 31 Oct 2015

Very didactic and well explained. So much hungry after this talk :) Thank you!

Anonymous at 15:03 on 31 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 15:12 on 31 Oct 2015

At least! real life examples, code, comparisons... thanks!

Excellent explanations, excellent slides, new and interesting stuff! Excellent talk!

Anonymous at 15:40 on 31 Oct 2015

Great talk and speaker! I felt that some examples were too obvious to focus on them but BTW the talk was great. Explored all the possibilities with nice conclusiones.

Brilliant contents, speaker and slides about quite a hot topic.

Great talk just don't think it will be useful soon for production.

Anonymous at 23:21 on 31 Oct 2015

Finally a presentation with lots of slides, short, concise, really well connected and quickly explained. Impressive to see this amount of examples of possible approaches to solve the problem. The best: the speaker.

The best talk of the Conf, in my opinion. Taking everyone in manageable steps and an easy to understand metafor on a journey of paralelism in PHP. The end result looked like NodeJS to me, but even there the speaker did not make any assumptions. Good Speaker, who knows how to pace himself and even though he is not native in English and has a strong accent, ho was easy to understand! Well done!

Great talk, among the best of the whole event. Good slides (and funny ones too), soon caught my attention in an otherwise plain subject. Every approach was tested and explained deep enought but without useless detail. The speaker and pace was quite joyful, and even showing so many food pics and the closeness of lunch hour, he kept the audience interested. Good job

Anonymous at 22:49 on 3 Nov 2015

Honestly, it was my favourite talk. The way you show a collection of examples, from more basic to more complex, stopping to show the advantages/disadvantages of each one, the slides with the food and the kitchen metaphor, the energy of the speaker... congratulations, really